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  1. Sisters, Brothers & Friends,

    Did you know?

    Alberta’s economy has emerged from the deep recession.

    All of the major economic indicators are now pointing in the right direction:

    Alberta leads all provinces in GDP growth
    Alberta added more than 60,000 jobs last year
    Both the unemployment rate and the number of people on EI are down dramatically – in fact, the number of people receiving E.I. dropped 26.45% from March 2017 to March 2018
    Alberta continues to have the highest employment participation rate in Canada
    Wages in Alberta are the highest in the country and growing at the fastest rate
    Alberta leads the country in per capita business investment
    Corporate earnings are up (+6.9%), so are the numbers for wholesale trade (+16.3%), manufacturing (+25.5%) and retail sales
    Exports are up a whopping 46.5%
    Clearly the Notley Government hasn’t turned Alberta into an “economic basket case” as the right-wingers would have you believe.

    And, today, Premier Notley’s government introduced stronger safety and health protections for Alberta workers:


    We should be proud of the work Rachel Notley’s NDP government has done to get out of a recession, get Albertans back to work and to ensure that working families are supported, on the job and in our communities.

    In solidarity,

    Scott Lunny, Assistant to the Director

    United Steelworkers District 3

    Posted By USW local 1595

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